Comox Valley Animal Hospital Pet Care Services

By sharing our knowledge and clinical experience, we aim to enable our clients to make informed decisions. We are home to a team of five veterinarians who are devoted to helping animals. Together, Drs. MacDonald, Edgell, Briggs, Manson, and Tam have over 95 years of combined experience and offer a wide range of medical, surgical, and preventive services.

Emergencies: If your pet is unwell after our hospital is closed you can reach Smart.Vet for help. Call 778-743-4351 to speak to a Registered Veterinary Technician who will triage your pet's medical needs and provide you with options for care.

You can also find Smart.Vet on line where you can schedule a virtual appointment with a veterinarian. This excellent service is available any time our hospital is closed including statutory holidays.

If your pet is having a life-threatening medical emergency after hours you should consider going to Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Nanaimo. This facility has veterinarians and support staff on premises 24 hours a day and is able to care for critically ill patients. (250) 933-0913

We offer the following services:

Wellness Exams
Regular physical exams help us to identify any health issues that may be problem or become a problem for your pet. We can make recommendations for any treatments and provide cost estimates. We taylor vaccinations to suit the lifestyle of your dog or cat. 

Routine Surgery
We perform all routine surgeries such as spays (ovariohysterectomy) and castrations on dogs and cats. Removing lumps and bumps as well as stitching up wounds and caring for injuries are also part of our routine surgical care. 

We provide a comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound service. One of our own doctors performs the scans and interprets the images.  Full abdominal ultrasound scans can be performed and some cardiac imaging is also available. Images can also be reviewed by a certified veterinary radiologist with a fast turn around time for best interpretation and treatment planning.

One of our veterinarians has a special interest in canine reproduction and can help you with AI, semen evaluation, and progesterone testing. We handle frozen as well as fresh cooled semen and can provide surgical and vaginal inseminations. Progesterone levels can be run in our hospital lab with results available in 1 hour. 

Digital Radiology
We have a digital x-ray machine that provides immediate images for review by our veterinarians. X-rays can also be interpreted by a certified veterinary radiologist with a quick turn around time to help better diagnose problems and formulate treatment plans. 

Advanced Surgery
We offer advanced surgeries including ACL repairs and other orthopedics, abdominal surgeries, ocular and eyelid surgeries, ear surgeries and much more.  All surgeries require a consultation with one of our veterinarians before scheduling.  

In-house Laboratory Diagnostics 
We can run a comprehensive blood panel on your pet within 30 minutes. This includes a CBC, comprehensive chemistry panel, and a thyroid level. We can also perform fecals, urinalyses, cytologies, and blood smears. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians are skilled in all aspects of lab work and are a vital part of diagnosing problems in sick pets.

We perform dentistry on cats and dogs under general anesthesia and provide the following:  scaling and polishing of teeth, extractions of broken or diseased teeth, digital dental x-rays, advice on home care to provide better oral health for our pet. 

House Calls
We are able to provide house calls for clients in the sad event of the euthanasia of a pet. Some other limited house call services are also available.